I am an artist who lives in Dallas Texas however I am inspired by many parts of the country and my work reflects places I love to visit.  California, Kauai, the high deserts of Ojai, oceans of San Diego and Santa Monica, virtually all of Southern California.  I am drawn to the ocean and the sky and I tend to end up using blues and softer colors in most but not all of my compositions.  I love to do representational and abstract painting. Many of my creations start with a particular photograph or place I have been and often end up as an abstract with some resemblance to my original idea.  I grew up in West Texas and fell in love with the high skies, so much of my work is of sky and cloud formations, something I love to paint.  I do realism and enjoy that as well it is located under that tab.  The majority of my pieces are larger abstracts that are multimedia take a long time to do and something that is great fun for me to create.